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We absolutely adore every aspect of this villa, from the exquisite room to the inviting atmosphere, the top-notch facilities, and the delightful hospitality of Pak Rahdian and his wife. Their genuine helpfulness and warm demeanor made our stay truly memorable. Despite arriving at the villa well past midnight, Pak Rahdian warmly welcomed us without any hesitation. Initially planning to stay for three nights, we couldn't resist extending our stay by an additional night as we were so enamored with the place.The culinary experience was a delight, with delicious food that satisfied our taste buds. The room was impeccably clean, and the hot tub provided the perfect respite from the chilly and windy weather. The soothing sounds of the surrounding village enhanced our stays, creating an even more enchanting ambiance. The remarkable views and lush greenery surrounding the villa added to the perfection of our stay.One of the highlights for me was cooking Indomie noodles in the well-equipped kitchen after a relaxing soak in the hot tub. It was a simple yet immensely joyful moment. Additionally, spending the afternoons indulging in a good book accompanied by a cup of Wedang was absolute bliss.Words fail to capture the sheer enjoyment we experienced during our time at this villa. Without a doubt, we will return to this marvelous place and reconnect with the wonderful people who made our stay so exceptional.
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